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Wedding Reportage Palazzo Reale Milano

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Elisabetta + Davide | Wedding Reportage Palazzo Reale Milano.


What I am going to publish today is an atypical wedding photo shoot, at least compared to the weddings that I usually publish on the blog.

Elisabetta and Davide got married in Milan in a civil ceremony in the beautiful hall of Palazzo Reale.

They called me just before the wedding day to check if I was available for the shooting.

There was a kind of embarrassment in asking me to shoot, because Davide immediately tells me that “it will be a very very very intimate marriage”.

I note a certain reticence on his part, almost as if he was wondering if the presence of a photographer was really necessary.

Or if I could not be interested given that it was not a marriage “with all the bells and whistles”.

In this marriage, as someone might rightly point out, the characteristic signs we are used to are missing.

Fisrta of all there is no bouquet, there are no participations, there is no white dress, there are no floral decorations, there are no guests. Only two witnesses.

The wedding rings appear magically from a wallet, along with a few coins of 5 and 10 cents.

Furthermore, there is no wedding reception, just a classic “aperitivo alla Milanese”.

A wedding that took place within a couple of hours.

But then, with all these shortcomings, is it worth calling someone to record it?

I gave myself the answer immediately and after seeing the pictures I decided to use them for ANFM’s single photographer album competition.

On the one hand this experience certainly displaced me with its atypical lineup, very short times and the lack of the comforting presence of the “usual things to photograph”.

On the other it left me free to live it without pressure and to let myself go with the flow of the events.

I witnessed the mad esuberance of these two boys, some tears and some true and sincere hugs.

True emotions which, in the end and in my humble opinion, is what is worth recording.

Whether the shots are good or bad, I leave it to you to judge.

For my part, I thank Elisabetta and Davide for giving me the opportunity to grow and learn that you don’t necessarily need to shoot for 12 hours to tell a story.

The important thing is that there is a story to tell and that one is present, with eyes and heart, to witness it.