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Wedding Reportage Castello di Rossino Calolziocorte

Alice + Daniele | Wedding Reportage Castello di Rossino Calolziocorte

I enjoyed myself. A world.

I got excited. Much.

One of the things that I love the most about this job is to meet unknown people, take pictures of them and eventually, magically, find myself getting to know them really: maybe that photography really steals people’s soul?

If it is not so, then it means that being close to a couple who is about to live an intimate experience like marriage, share with them the anxiety of the preparations, the tension, the fear, the joy, the affection of family, laughter and tears, being able to overcome the embarrassment of having me around and give me intimate gestures like a kiss, a look, a phrase whispered in the ear, allows you to at least see a glimpse of what they really have inside.

And what I saw in these two guys made me excited.

Alice and Daniele got married at the Castello di Rossino in Calolziocorte.

A splendid, intimate and cozy location on the slopes of the Resegone, a mountain that overlooks that branch of Lake Como so famous because it is where Lucia and Renzo lived their passion . The Castle of the Unnamed is not very far.

It’s been a wonderful day: sun, a lot of friends, lots of laughter, many children, many gestures of affection, sincere.

Also a lot of tears … damn that video assembled by the guests! We are photographers, not robots … how do you frame with tears in your eyes? 🙂

I have already written it on your guestbook, but, I wanted to do it here too: thank you for choosing me as a photographer and giving me the opportunity to live this wonderful day with you.

Special thanks also to Sergio Ferri and to Effetre Fotostudio for shooting this magnificent wedding with me. It is always a pleasure to work with competent but above all passionate and creative professionals!

Below you will find a very small selection of shots made by me and Sergio. I gave priority to the story. The beautiful images of this wedding are so many!