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Wedding Reportage Castello di Gornate


Laura + Luca | Wedding Reportage Castello di Gornate

I met Laura and Luca almost by chance, thanks to a ‘common friend and I confess that at first glance I had not guessed the sweetness and sensitivity of these couple.

Immediately after our meeting for the shooting of their engagement, however, I had the clear impression that their marriage would have been great to photograph.

And so it was.

I’ve never seen so many people smiling and with so much desire to dance and have fun.

Laura and Luca got married in Rovello Porro at the Beata Vergine del Carmine Sanctuary and they celebrated together with their friends at the Castle of Gornate, a location surrounded by greenery with a truly spectacular bamboo forest!

The smiles, the toasts and the dances never stopped, not even for the afternoon rain.

I would like to thank Laura and Luca for how they have pampered us, for the attention they have given us and for being wonderful spouses!

Every time I come back from a wedding, regarding the shots, I am amazed to find in the photographs a small gesture, a particular look that make me say “Yes, they are just themselves in this picture!”

Thanks also to my colleague Camilla Piana. With your smile and your joy you have the ability to get close to people and make them open.

Below, as usual, you will find a small selection of the shots taken. I hope the photos are able to transmit the energy of the day