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Wedding Reportage Camp di Cent Pertigh Carate Brianza


Anna + Massimo | Wedding Reportage Camp di Cent Pertigh Carate Brianza

When I think back to Anna and Massimo’s Marriage, as in a film that starts from the last scene, the images of the final dances come back to me: lots of smiles, all the guests dancing surrounding the couple, infected by the enthusiasm of this beautiful couple.

Since the day of their engagement, Anna and Massimo have revealed themselves for what they are: two sensitive, curious, attentive, available and extroverted people.

I love people who know how to downplay, know how to make fun of themselves and who can smile sincerely.

Add a big “dose” of love, a fantastic location and you will then have the perfect recipe to make a wedding photographer happy.

Anna and Massimo married at the Sanctuary of the “Madonna dei Vignoli” in Seregno and continued their wedding celebration at the Camp di Cent Pertigh, a location that I love for the style and refinement of every little detail.

“shabby chic”, “boho”, “country” … you name it. Each corner of this location gifts you with suprises.

I would like to thank Anna, Massimo and their families for the attention they have given us since the moment we crossed the thresholds of their homes.

We really felt part of the party and I think that all this clearly transpires from the photos.

It was an elegant wedding, cared for and fun, thanks to some fantastic guests.

Below you find a lot of pics – I was not able to make a smaller selection.

In the end, as I always say, in marriages, I see a story to tell.


RESTAURANT: Camp di Cent Pertig

PRINTS: Love day

BALOONS: La fabbrica delle feste

BRIDE’S DRESS: La casa della sposa

GROOM’S DRESS: Pessina Monza

FLOWERS: Fedelfiori Eventi

A special thanks to Sergio Ferri of Effetrefotostudio for having shoot this beautiful wedding with me – as always you rock!