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Engagement Milano Parco Castello Brera


Roberta + Gianluca | Engagement Milano Parco Castello Brera

A “metropolitan” Engagement session, on a wonderful December day.

Roberta and Gianluca have chosen Milan for their “engagement session”, a part of my marriage package that I consider essential.

As a wedding photographer, I always recommend including a session of portraits before the big day.

For “Breaking the ice” and “Getting to know each other better”, as I always say to my couples when we get to know each other for the first time.

Because we are not all models and often we are not used to being in front of the camera lens.

Because you can prove that no, it is not true that “I’m not photogenic” or that “I don’t feel at ease in front of a camera”.

But above all to have fun together one afternoon and because the day of your wedding I can enter your homes not being “the photographer”, but Paul.

Milan did not disappoint us and gave us a sunny day and a mild climate, despite the full winter, with beautiful colors and a fantastic light.

We admired Arco della Pace, explored Parco Castello, despite the crowd of tourists for the weekend of S. Ambrogio and strolled among the Christmas lights Breara district.

We spent a fun afternoon and you told me so much about you and the preparations for your wedding.

A special marriage, an unusual idea … to get married and celebrate the beginning of the new year together with relatives and friends.

Thank you so much for the four hours spent together, for your availability and your smiles.

As usual, below you will find a small selection of the shots.